Keeping Spirits High

On the frontlines, it’s the little things that make a big difference. With your support, ISF has been providing much needed headlamps to IDF units working in the Gaza tunnel infrastructure. These headlamps have provided them the ability to move and see hands-free – a priceless ability when working in small spaces riddled with unknown environmental factors.

 IDF Head Lamp Updated

In addition to the headlamps, ISF has been investing in the collective morale of these same IDF units. The soldiers were beyond enthused when they received this specially made IDF logo challah bread. The bread serves both as an encouragement and testament to the work these soldiers are doing and reminder of what the IDF stands for: a sword wrapped in an olive leaf. The heart of the Israeli people is first to choose peace and diplomacy. Only after those avenues fail is the sword revealed.

IDF Challah

Operation Protective Edge has given opportunity for many Israelis, secular and religious, to practice their faith on the battleground. Already, there have been numerous miracles observed and spoken of – from mists appearing out of nowhere to cover the soldiers’ movements to rockets seeming to have been “swatted” out of the air when headed towards an highly populated area. Chabad volunteers have been visiting soldiers on the frontline with tefillin and prayer books. ISF sponsored the purchase of this traveling Torah “ark”, a case that allows the soldiers to bring the Torah – the Word of God – with them into battle.

IDF Torah Carry CaseIDF Torah Carry Case 2 Revised

We wish to extend a HUGE thank you to our donors. Your dedication is bringing a sense of support and connectedness to the soldiers defending Israel. By extension, YOU are helping to defend Israel. We will continue to keep you updated as the operation progresses.

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