So Close!

For the last few months, Israel Support Fund has been collecting donations for the distribution of Tanachs to the IDF. We have come a long way and have raised a total of $41,800! Good job! Today, we have but $3,200.00 to go. Tomorrow is our deadline. Please consider how you might help us close that gap.

Thank you!


Gift Bags for the IDF

Over the Sukkot holiday, ISF sponsored a “Yom Kef” (fun day) for a unit of the IDF. This day included recreational activities (swimming), meals, and the purchase and distribution of 75 gift bags for the members of the unit. The gift bags included baseball caps and a messenger bag, embroidered with the unit’s crest (see picture below). The unit’s commander led the presentation of the bags to the unit. In the presentation he said, “ISF supports lots of soldiers and army projects that help the soldiers. The fun day that you are having and the gifts that your getting are donated by ISF. We would like to thank them for all that they are doing.” The soldiers responded with smiles and applause all around. This was the first day in 16 years for this unit to receive any sort of donation! We at ISF would like to pass their applause on to you, the donors, the people who make these sorts of projects possible. Thank YOU for your faithfulness and generosity. Stay tuned for word on more projects like this one.

Gift Bag Crop

Paypal’s New “Monthly, Recurrent” Option

Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed that we removed the “pledge” button from the website. This is because Paypal now allows donors to check a “monthly, recurrent” box when they donate through the usual way. If you would like to donate a set amount every month and have it automatically posted to your Paypal account, check that box next time you donate. If you have any questions, let us know. Send an email or comment to this post.

Thank you for your faithfulness!


Our Motto

“We at ISF want to be regarded as a friend to Israel. A friend is someone you go to when he needs you. So, this is our motto. We go to them. Now.”