Passover Preparations

Passover Preparations

When it comes to U.S. holidays, there isn’t anything like Pesach. We have Thanksgiving, which may compare on a food scale, and there’s Christmas, which may compare on a festivities level, but really there’s nothing like Passover. Tables overflow with traditional foods like gefilta fish, salmon, macaroons, fruits, vegetables, and tons of delicious matzo. Families clean their houses upside down and inside out to remove all “chametz” (yeast/leavening) from any little crack and corner. Mom, dad, and the kids don special clothing to honor and celebrate this commanded “moed” (appointed time), when they celebrate as a family and as a community the continued redemption of the Jewish people from Pharoah and Egypt. As you can well imagine, all these little pieces add up very quickly. The attached picture gives you an idea of what a standard Jewish family of mom, dad, and 5 kids could spend on preparations for Pesach.

Last month, Israel Support Fund announced that we have secured a matching grant to raise money for needful families this Passover. The matching project will equal donations up to 50,000 NIS (New Israeli Shekel) to purchase food for families who could not afford it otherwise. All proceeds go towards the purchase of food only and will be distributed through the matching organization. With your gracious help, we have raised already a notable amount of funds – and we are still on the road to ₪50,000 NIS. As you consider Passover gifts this year, please consider supporting the celebration of this special, commanded holiday for the children of God.

Thank you!

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